Comic book characters Letter R

Ragnarok comics Chaos is Rune Knight trained to lead his own people. He is an amnesiac who cannot remember anything from before the last two years of his life.

Rahan comics Rahan's home was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Alone and homeless, he travels from land to land spreading kindness to all he meets, especially to those who needs it.

RAW comics The flagship publication of the alternative comics movement in the 1980s; RAW was an anthology comic magazine that introduced a whole generation of cartoonists.

Rice Boy graphic novel Follow the adventures of Rice Boy, a little fellow with no arms and legs. He embarks on a journey to fulfill an ancient prophecy that may or may not involve him.

Riddler comics Obsessed with riddles, word games, and puzzles. The Riddler is the clown prince of mystery, he finds amusement in warning Batman about his capers using his own complex clues.

Robin comics He is the Dark Knight's loyal partner; Robin is hailed as the patron saint of all sidekicks, ready to aid and help protect Gotham City.

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