Comic book characters Letter N

Nagraj comics He is the most powerful superhero in Raj Universe. Nagraj was created to become the Ultimate Killing Machine, he was made for international terrorism.

Nambul War Stories comics A military drama set in the middle of the 2nd eastern war when the world economy is facing yet another crisis. But that is the least of Hae Sung’s concern as this Korean Japanese leader was caught killing a Yakusa boss.

Nana comics Bearing the same name, the main characters of Nana comics, Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu realized they are fueled by different goals as the two met in the train on their way to Tokyo. The different personalities did not stop them from being friends and ended up sharing the same apartment.

Naruto comics Naruto Uzumaki dreams of becoming a Hokage. Sealed in him is a nine tailed demon fox giving him supernatural ninja abilities beyond the limits of his age.

Nausicaa comics An apocalyptic war has destroyed modern human civilization. As the sea of corruption blankets mankind, Nausicaa carries out the duty of saving what remains to humanity.

Nickel Heroes comics A menagerie of horror comic characters, Nickel Heroes features a line of pre code styled webcomics; tales of zombies, suspense, crime, sci fi, adventure, and mystery comics stories.

Nightwing comics He is a non super powered superhero ready to take on crime. Nightwing moves into Bludhaven and saves it from the evil, Black Mask.

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Comic book characters Letter N

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