Comic book characters Letter I

I am legend comics Robert Neville is the last man on Earth. The world was succumbed by a pandemic, turning everyone into zombies, everyone except Robert. He is then left to fight for his own life, gathering supplies during the day and killing hordes of zombies at night.

Iceman comics Robert “Bobby” Louis Drake is Iceman. A Marvel Universe superhero who has the ability to drop both of his external and internal body temperatures, turning his body into ice and allowing him to project ice blasts.

Impulse comics Bart Allen is the Flash’s grandson. He inherited his amazing speed with an alarmingly fast metabolic condition. To keep pace with his fast aging, he was sent to a virtual reality and was faced with the challenge of coping up with his own time on his return.

Iron Man comics Mortally wounded and under the threat of death, Tony Stark creates a heavy armored suit to become the invincible superhero, Iron Man.

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Comic book characters Letter I

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