Comic book characters Letter H

Hack slash comics Focused on a slasher monster hunt of young Cassie and her enigmatic gas masked partner Vlad, Hack Slash comics is a fast race to the dingy pursuit for vengeance, justice, and survival.

Hagar comics He is the world's most popular Viking, Hagar the Horrible is a shaggy red bearded warrior and family man. This comic strip narrates of Hagar's poor hygiene and his interactions with his family and friends.

Hairbutt the Hippo comics This is a saga of the crime busting feats of an anthropomorphic character. Hairbutt is a private down under detective who bears a nasty personality and an even nastier grooming habit.

Hawkman comics A winged superhero armed with ancient magic weapons, Hawkman wields artificial wings attached to the special Nth metal, granting flight and other special abilities.

Hellboy comics Conjured by Nazi occultists, Hellboy is a demon brought to earth as an infant, eventually growing up into adulthood, to serve the cause of good rather than evil.

HijiNKS ENSUE comics Follow Joel, Josh, and Eli as the trio leaps from one geek panel to the other, one pop culture reference mocking another; one typical geek life.

House of Mystery comics A mystery and suspense anthology comics that features supernatural and mysterious tales. Enter a house full of terror and a series of spine chilling stories.

Hulk comics Bruce Banner is The Hulk, he is a scientist caught in a gamma bomb blast. His exposure caused a mutation that will turn him into an unstoppable beast with superb strength and powers.

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Comic book characters Letter H

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