Comic book characters Letter G

Galactus comics He is the world eater, Galactus is the ultimate villain to beat. With cosmic powered henchmen in his side, he can destroy our world and countless others, not to mention killing billions of beings.

Garfield comics Centered on the everyday gags and adventures of the titular character, Garfield comics features a fuzzy orange tabby cat owned by a clumsy geek Jon Arbuckle.

Gaston Lagaffe comics Follow the everyday misadventures of Gaston Lagaffe, an accident prone and lazy office junior who hides away taking naps and indulge in nonsense habits while his coworkers panic over deadlines.

Ghost in the Shell comics Meet Major Motoko Kusanagi, a full prosthetic cyborg heroine on a hunt for the cyber criminal, The Puppeteer. Follow the Puppet Master and Kusanagi’s chase, bringing them both to further understand the limitless veracity of the net.

Ghost World comics Enid and Rebecca are two intelligent, cynic teenage girls. They are best of friends who wander around criticizing culture and people and coping up with the pressures of trying to live a normal life.

Girl Genius comics Follow the feats of Agatha Clay Heterodyne, a gifted Spark with supernormal abilities, especially in creating and repairing mechanical & electrical devices.

Green Arrow comics He is the protector of Star City, Oliver Queen is Green Arrow, multi billionaire by day and a superhero crime fighter by night.

Green Goblin comics Norman Osborn had it all, family, a vast corporation, and power. Wanting more, he took a serum that can enhance his intellect and physique but drove him to insanity, hence the birth of Green Goblin.

Green Lantern comics Earthman Hal Jordan is Green Lantern, he is an Air Force fighter test pilot. He possess a power ring and power lantern, two of the most powerful and dangerous weapons in the world.

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Comic book characters Letter G

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