Comic book characters Letter F

Fables comics Forced out of their homelands by the Adversary, fairy tales and folklore characters were left with nowhere to go. Fables comics narrate of their journey to our world, settling in New York City and making their very own community of Fabletown.

Fantastic four comics Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben unexpectedly received their powers when a radiation storm engulfed them during a space trip. Deciding to make use of their superhuman powers for the good of mankind, the 4 then created the team of Fantastic Four and thus started a series of superhero adventures and crime fighting feats.

Far Side comics Once a popular one panel comic strip, the now defunct Far side comics draws surreal humor from unlikely events, mishaps turned into satirical interpretations, and a general anthropomorphic view on things.

Fell comics Richard Fell is transferred to Snowtown, an urban thrash zone where everyone is desperate and hopeless and everybody fears everybody.

Flash comics He is the fastest man alive, Flash is once the tardy scientist Barry Allen, he gained the power of super speed which allows him to move and run extremely fast.

From Hell comics A comic series based on the speculation of Jack the Ripper’s identity and motives. Follow the story of horrific murders and serial killings of 19th century London.

Fullmetal Alchemist comics Edward and Alphonse Elric are brothers and talented alchemist who tries to revive their mother. But everything went wrong, now they set out to find a way in order to restore themselves.

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Comic book characters Letter F

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