Comic book characters Letter E

Eerie comics Follow a series of creepy tales filled with raging monsters, blood sucking vampires, and other supernatural fares that gives you one classic hair raising horror saga.

El Eternauta comics Juan Salvo travels through different time dimensions in search for his wife and daughter. His and mankind’s burden started when Earth suffered an alien invasion initially carried out by a deadly snowfall capable of wiping out humanity.

Elfquest comics The pages of Elfquest comics centers on a society of highly advanced humanoid aliens, elves, and other fictional species coexisting in a primal earth like planet.

Emily the Strange comics She is a unique 13 year old girl. Emily owns four cats that she treats as her bestfriends. She wears the same black dress everyday, hates the color pink, and follows no one but herself. Emily the Strange serves as a counterculture icon that stands for self awareness & individualism.

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Comic book characters Letter E

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