Comic book characters Letter B

Ballerina Mafia comics A gag a day online comics featuring furry characters that follows no story, just the daily mishaps and catastrophe rolled into one cracked up strip.

Bamse comics A heartwarming story of the word's strongest and kindest bear. Bamse is nice and cuddly. He eats Grandma's special power honey every morning to keep his super strength in fighting against Vargen, Kapten Buster, and other Bamse villains.

Barbie comics Barbie takes on exciting yet classy adventures as Marvel comics brings you stories of her bold and fashionably chic feats.

Batgirl comics She is depicted as Batman's female counterpart. Bat Girl is a superheroine armed with kick ass weapons and highly developed skills. She is often seen alongside Batman and Robin, fighting crime and injustice.

Batman comics Bruce Wayne; playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, and superhero. Witnessing the murder of his parents, Batman swore to take vengeance, declaring war on crimes of Gothem City.

Black Hole comics A horrifying outbreak of sexually transmitted disease has led to horrible mutations. Chris, Rob, Keith and Eliza experiences a summer they will never forget.

Black Snow comics Centered on the bizarre adventures of Black Snow, follow an unsuccessful, chain smoking, alcoholic superhero living in Detriot with a gang of equally weird oddballs.

Blacksad comics Private investigator John Blacksad digs deep into a web of conspiracies. Abductions, murder and racial tension rings loud in his feline ears, something is wrong.

Blankets graphic novel An autobiographical graphic novel of the author himself. Craig Thompson shares his story; his experiences from childhood, his family, first love, and early adulthood.

Bone graphic novel Follow the great adventures of Phoney Bone, Smiley Bone, and Fone Bone. The three cousins make a journey out of the town to escape the anger of their folks after a vicious mess Phoney Bone had created.

Business Casual comics Pete is a computer programmer who deals with the mishaps of an office of tech worker. His everyday experiences involve clichés between his boss and annoying co workers.

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Comic book characters Letter B

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