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Zig and Wikki graphic novel Zig and Wikki got lost on their way to grandma. Zig needs a pet for school zoo but thanks to Wikki's driving, he will sure be in big trouble.

Unable to find their way, the two decided to drop by a strange looking planet and look for Zig's pet there. Upon landing, mischievous looking Zig, a red alien and his best friend Wikki, a computer realizes that the strange planet is home to odd looking creatures as well, now all they have to do is catch the perfect pet. What could possibly go wrong?

Written by Nadja Spiegelman and illustrated by Trade Loeffler, Zig and Wikki is a new children's graphic novel your kids will sure love. Zig and Wikki was first published on April 19, 2010 by Toon Books.

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