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Zagor comicsFollow the life of Patrick Wilding, more commonly known as Zagor, from it's Indian name Za Gor Te Nay.

Zagor is a western character living in the imaginary forest of Darkwood, Pennsylvania, north east of United States during the first half of the 19th century. Zagor comic book series narrates of the main character's attempts to protect Indian tribes, hunt down criminals, and maintain peace all over his territory.

Zagor is a fantasy comics that presents an atypical western series. Created by editor and writer Sergio Bonelli, Zagor comics was first published in Italy in 1961.

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Official site

Zagor - Edicola
Zagor comic book site at Edicolo; know more of this fictional western character, find helpful links, view comic arts, gallery and many others.

Publisher site

Sergio Bonelli Editore
A publishing house of Italian comic books, official publisher of Zagor comics. Browse through their other titles such as Piccolo Ranger and Mister No.

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