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XIII comicsHe wakes up on a beach with no recollection, no clue about who he is except for a mysterious XIII tattoo that will become his only identity.

When XIII finds himself attacked by assassins determined to dispose of him, he takes them out with impressive skills. The incident gave made him realize that he is no ordinary man with amnesia.

XIII then starts to unravel his past, discovering who he really is, and uncovering secrets that will lead him to murder and a series of conspiracies that calls for his death.

The graphic novel XIII is written by Jean Van Hamme and drawn by William Vance. It was first serialized in 1984 and was publish by Dargaud.

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Creator site

Jean Van Hamme
A Belgian comic writer and novelist; know more about the life and works of Jean Van Hamme on Lambiek.net, creator of XIII comics.

William Vance
XIII comic artist, William van Cutsem more known as William Vance has produced remarkable illustrations for various comic series & titles.

Fan site

XIII - The Unofficial Website
A site dedicated to XIII comics, read informative facts about this action adventure comic series about an amnesiac spy.

Publisher site

Publishing company of Franco-Belgian comic books such as XIII graphic novel. Visit this site for helpful facts and links on their famous comic series titles.

Cinebook Ltd.
English publisher of Franco-Belgian comics including XIII and Valerian comic books. Check out more of their best-selling titles, browse through catalogs, gallery, and more.

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