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X Factor comicsThey are a government sponsored team, X Factor consists of the five original X men members; Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Jean Grey and several young wards. When it became an independent investigation agency, long time member Multiple Man took over to lead.

The story centers on the team's set up as for hire mutant hunter, located in downtown New York and posing as normal humans to their clients. However, the team stopped the act as they realized they are rousing more harm than good.

X factor was published by Marvel Comics on February 1996 as a spin off of the famous X men franchise. Although not as wildly popular as the other X books, X Factor sci fi superhero comics became known for bringing out characters that were previously just background roles.

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Creator site

Larry Stroman
He is an American comic book artist famous for his contributions to Marvel comics, creating comic arts for the Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor series.

Peter David
Co-creator of X-Factor comics and many other comic collections, visit this site for Peter David information, his works, accomplishments and updates.

Publisher site

Marvel comics
The official publisher of X-factor comic book series. Marvel is among the biggest comic publishing company which released famous titles; The Avengers, The Hulk and more.

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