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Wolverine comicsWolverine is a very violent character and a perplexed being. He was born as James Howlett to rich plantation owners in Alberta, Canada in the 1880's.

Known as Logan, Wolverine is a powerful mutant gifted with many unique and enhance physical abilities including animal like senses, and healing factors allowing to recover easily from any wounds and slows down his aging process.

His mutation consists of animal like adaptations, an adamantium skeleton and retractable claws in each of his forearm. Wolverine is a superhero prime member of the X men, he is a loner, rebellious, but is also a reliable ally and capable leader.

Wolverine’s comic book character debuted in the final teaser panel of the The Incredible Hulk in October 1975. Published by Marvel comics, a graphic novel of his own was later released in 1988.

Recommended Issues: Miniseries 1 4, 41, 42, 50, 75, 82

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Turner's Wolverine
Wolverine comic art by Micheal Turner. Browse the gallery for other Logan and X-men superhero comic character drawings and illustrations.

Creator site

Len Wein
Comic creator of Wolverine comic character. Click on the link to find out more on the life of Len Wein and his notable contributions to the creation of many Marvel superheroes.

Fan site

Wolverine's REALM
Fan site for the superhero mutant and prime X-men member, Wolverine. Visit this site for helpful infos on Logan, his origins, images, chatrooms, and comic arts.

Publisher site

Marvel comics
A major comic book publisher that released X-men comics which features the character of Wolverine. Visit Marvel comic site for other superhero characters, info, updates, and more.

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