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Weirdo comicsWith a collection of assorted weirdness in its stories, Weirdo kept the spirit of the underground comix alive through the years.

This comics anthology served as a lower counterpart to RAW where it reflects the author’s interests. Weirdo, being an alternative comics tackles sensitive topics that are illustrated in one panel cartoons and bizarre photo strips.

Weirdo comic book series was created by Robert Crumb and was first published by Last Gasp in 1981. The comics introduced many artists that contributed various comic arts and stories.

Recommended Issues: Weirdo comics 3, 4, 7, 10, 12 14, 18 20, 22 28

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Creator site

The Official R. Crumb Site 
Official website of Robert Crumb, creator of Weirdo comics anthology. Check out this site for more of Crumb's life and works.

Publisher site

Last Gasp
An underground comix publisher, Last Gasp released Weirdo comics, Dr. Atomic, Grim Wit and other famous titles.

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