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Walking Dead graphic novelRick Grimes just woke up from a coma. His return to consciousness was greeted by a discovery that the world has been has been turned into a walking horror, corpses and dead people are trying to eat him and all those that are still alive and unaffected.

Rick then search for his family and meets a few survivors along the way. But despite the war against them, man’s idiotic problems create another war within themselves.

Walking Dead graphic novel was created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. This new horror comics was first released on October 2003 by Image comics.

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Creator site

The official website of Robert Kirkman, comic creator of Walking Dead. Visit the site for helpful information on Kirkman's comic creations.

Tony Moore
View comic art and illustrations of Tony Moore, comic creator of Walking Dead graphic novel. Check out his site for info on his works, biography, and more.

Movie site

The Walking Dead movie
Walking Dead movie information on comicbookmovie.com. Gather informative facts on the film, get to know the cast, news, updates and others.

Publisher site

Image Comics
Comic book publisher of Walking Dead graphic novel. Image comics is best known for the comic series, Spawn, Savage Dragon, and The Darkness.

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Walking Dead graphic novel

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