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Venom comicsVenom is not a super villain per se. He is a Symbiote, an extraterrestrial organism that is referred to as living costumes. So in this case, the costume is the villain.

The Venom attaches itself to a host, whoever wears it shall be granted super strength, agility, speed, and a web slinging ability. Venom first bonded with Spiderman during an adventure in Battleworld where Parker thought of the symbiote as only a costume.

He disposed Venom upon discovering that it is sentient. Since then it has bonded with many different hosts with a prime motivation of taking down Spider Man.

Venom comics is created by Randy Schueller and published by Marvel comics. This sci fi comic book series and graphic novel character was made to be one of Spiderman’s archenemies. He is a vicious creature that is among the best super villain comic characters.

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