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Valerian comicsTravel through space and time with Valerian and Laureline, members of the Spatio Temperal Service.

Set in the 28th century, when humanity discovered the means of time and space travel, a special organization with its highly trained space police was tasked to protect and guard the planet from temporal paradox caused by rouge time travelers.

Created by writer Pierre Christin and artist Jean Claude Mézières, Valerian sci fi comics was first published in Pilote magazine in 1967.

All Valerian stories have been collected in anthology comics in a graphic novel format that comprise 21 volumes, a short story collection and encyclopedia.

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Comic art site

Valerian comic art gallery
View comic arts, sketches, covers, paintings, and original art for Valerian and Laureline comics. Check out this gallery for more comic illustrations.

Creator site

Site Mezieres
Official website of Jean-Claude Mezieres, French comic strip illustrator best known for the science fiction series Valerian.

Pierre Christin 
French comics creator and scripter Pierre Christin on Lambiek. He collaborating with Mézières in creating the science fiction comic book, Valérian: Spatio-Temporal Agent for Pilote.

Official site

Official website of the French sci-fi comic book, Valerian. Visit the page for informative facts about the characters, the different issues and more.

Publisher site

Groupe Dargaud
Publishers of the Pilote magazine and home to famous comic books titles; Valerian, Blueberry, and the French edition of Tintin comics.

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