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V for Vendetta comicsV depicts a mysterious anarchist, a cloaked figure with a Guy Fawkes mask.

The story starts in London, November 5 1997 when V rescues the young Evey Hammond from a gang of police agents. Set in a near future Britain after a limited nuclear war leaves the world to almost complete destruction.

The fascist party, Norsefire, a totalitarian government has risen to claim all power and rule. V, bearing the anarchist character begins and elaborates violent and theatrical campaign to bring Norsefire down.

Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, V for Vendetta comic book series originally appeared in black and white. It is a unique superhero comics published by Quality comics, then later on by DC who released a pastel colored V for Vendetta graphic novel.

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Creator site

David Lloyd
One of the creators of V for or Vendetta comic series. Check out his official website for more info and updates on David Lloyd and his other works.

Movie site

V for Vendetta
A speculative fiction thriller film release by the famous studio company Warner Bros based on the comic book of the same title.

Official site

V for Vendetta 
Find details, updates, comic issues, and other V for Vendetta comic book stuffs and products for you to know more about comics famous anarchist vigilante.

Publisher site

Dez Skinn
Comic book publisher of V for Vendetta comics. Dez Skinn is also responsible for publishing other comic titles such as Sinbad, Laurel & Hardy and Funny Half Hour.

An imprint of DC comics, Vertigo published V for Vendetta graphic novels and other mature titles that are marketed towards a more mature audience.

A French publishing house that specializes in comics and manga. They were able to release famous titles such as V for Vendetta, Ascension, Walking Dead, and Switch.

Fan site

V for Vendetta Shrine
A tribute to V for Vendetta comics. This fan site offers helpful info, a trusted Vendetta comic book time line, gallery, helpful links, and others facts about your favorite comic vigilante.

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