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Unbalance X Unbalance comicsMyung Jin Ho is a 19 year old high school senior. He is free spirited and rebelious, characters that are greatly disapproved by his homeroom teacher Nah Hae Young.

Cold, upright, strict and extremely attractive, Young soon finds herself emotionally involved with Jin ho as they both end up in desperate and compromising situations.

An altogether funny and romantic comics, UxU manga runs on an opera style drama that evokes a multitude of emotions.

Written by Dall Young Lim with artist Lee Soo Hyon and published by Daiwon C.I., this new comics offers a multi level enjoyment to its readers.

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Daiwon C&A Holdings Co. Ltd.
Daiwon C&A Holdings, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is a major Korean animation, comic book and Japanese entertainment company, the publisher of Unbalance X Unbalance comics.

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