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Twokinds comicsTrace Legacy is a former leader of the Templar who lost his memory on a mysterious battle. He finds himself in the company of a strange tiger like girl, Flora.

Set in a world inflicted with racial tension, Twokinds follows the continuing conflict between two races, the Humans and the Keidran. As these societies have different ideas on how to live and act, they near the brink of another war.

As Trace gradually regains his memory, he realizes Flora belongs to the race he’s enemies with. But as their friendship deepens, they find themselves torn between racial differences more critical than they dare imagine.

Written by Tom Fischbach, Twokinds is a manga styled webcomic launched on October 22, 2003. This new fantasy online comics ranks high among the top webcomics list, averaging 13 million hits per month.

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Tom Fischbach's deviantart page where he uploads Twokinds comics illustrations and and arts. View his page for more Twokinds comics drawings.

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Official webpage of Twokinds web comics. Check out the site to read free twokinds comics, join forums, browse fan arts and more.

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