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The Phoenix Requiem graphic novel Follow a Victorian inspired tale of love, faith, and death.

Jonas Faulkner stumbles into the small town of Esk one cold December night; suffering from gunshot wounds and leaving a trail of blood behind him. Anya Katsukova, an inexperience nurse who is training to become a doctor takes Jonas under her care.

After making a full recovery, Jonas decides to start a new life in town. But his attempts are halted by supernatural beings, both good and bad that has been following him, like deadly shadows.

Seeking for answers, he and Anya tries to discover an almost unbelievable fantasy that can lead them to more doubts and risks, jeopardizing their lives and those who are important to them.

The Phoenix Requiem is a new online graphic novel written by Sarah Ellerton. It comprises various genres of love, horror, and fantasy completed in 2007.

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Arts Angel
The official page of Sarah Ellerton, creator of The Phoenix Requiem graphic novel. Visit her gallery and portfolio of remarkable artwork and comic illustrations.

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The Phoenix Requiem
Official website of The Phoenix Requiem online graphic novel by Sarah Ellerton. Click on the link to read free TPR illustrated novel, helpful info, news, updates, and more.

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