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The Big Book of Martyrs comicsRead about the lives of more than 50 Christian martyrs as they suffered gruesome deaths in exchange for keeping their faiths.

This comic book covers the stories of popular and less known saints, John the Baptist, Joan of Arc, St. Paul, and Edith Stein among others. The Big Book of Martyrs recalls the treatment given to them as they hold dearly to their beliefs. It states each of their stories, backgrounds, a summary of their lives before they suffered persecution.

Big Book of Martyrs is a non fiction comic strip that shares to us the account of those who have given their lives for faith and religion. It comes in black and white noir comics form created by John Wagner and published by DC comics. This Christian comic book also came in graphic novel form.

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John Wagner 
Comic creator of The big book of martyrs comics, John Wagner is a noted comic writer whose other works include Robohunter and Judge Dredd.

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DC comics
Official publisher of The Big Book of Martyr comics, a christian comic book that narrates the lives and deaths of catholic saints and martyrs.

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