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The Adventures of Dr McNinja comicsHe possesses superhuman strength, speed, and abilities. Dr. McNinja got it all hidden underneath a button down short, slacks, a lab coat, and stethoscope. He sports a ninja mask to hide his face, revealing only auburn eyebrows and blue eyes.

He is a cliché ninja with unique twists of personally, for one he is a medical doctor who also practices crime fighting. Not only that, unlike typical superheroes Dr. McNinja’s first name has never been revealed, so far.

McNinja’s personality oddities includes a desperation to be Batman and his sensitivity to his parent’s criticism (disappointed at how their ninja son wastes time being a doctor). His duty both as a ninja and a doctor has caused him more troubles he can barely handle.

Created by Chris Hastings, Dr. McNinja is a new webcomic that follows the humorous and superhero feats of the titular character. McNinja’s first issue debuted on the summer of 2004 with updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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