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Supergirl comicsDepicted as Superman’s female counterpart, Supergirl is hailed as the girl of steel, standing for truth and justice, and the American way.

When the planet Krypton exploded, several hundred survivors were able to live in a chunk of the planet’s shielded city, Argo. Zor El was among them, a gifted man of science, he helped Argo get back on its feet. He soon married, and his wife gave birth to Kara Zor El.

When another disaster struck their home, Kara was sent to earth and hence became the last survivor of her people. There he met Superman, whom she’ll discover as her cousin. Supergirl lived among the humans using an alter ego, Linda Lee Danvers.

Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, Supergirl is a classic superhero comic book character who first appeared in Action Comics on 1959. Supergirl is published by DC comics; it depicts themes of fantasy which appeared in graphic novel form in later years.

Recommended Issues: Series 1, Series 2, Special 1985

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Creator site

Otto Binder
Comic book creator of Supergirl superhero comics character. Read to know more of Otto Binder's life and comic works on

Al Plastino
Co-creator and comic artist of Supergirl super heroine comics character. Check out Al Plastino's official website for comic arts, paintings, and more.

Publisher site

DC comics
Official site of Supergirl comics publisher. Visit and browse DC comics for their wide collection of Super Girl comic books and graphic novels.

Comic art site

Supergirl comic art
Supergirl comic art, penciled by Paul Abrams and inked by Bob Almond. Click on the site to browse for more Super girl superhero comics artworks.

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