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Stray Bullets comicsFollowing tales of criminals and a cast consisting of various characters primarily centered on Virginia Applejack, a young girl who witnessed a murder that affected her life gravely.

Set in the 80s, Stray Bullets is a remorseless read full of dark and gripping plots that undertakes the effects of violence, both on the criminal and it's victim.

The stories are connected by recurring themes and characters, all of which carries the impact of moral weakness. It conveys how one's actions can destroy his or her life and the life of others around him. The series also stresses out that no human being is entirely evil and that the implications of what he does merely mirrors his own brand of frailty and faults.

Stray Bullets is an independent comic book series created by David Lapham. This noir comics is published by El Capitan Books on March 1995. It was also released in graphic novel form which won the Eisner Award in 1997 for Best Graphic Novel album reprint.

Recommended Issues: Stray Bullets Volume 1

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Innocence of Nihilism
Official website of Stray Bullets comics creator David Lapham. Visit his page for more of Lapham's works, updates, info, and more.

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Stray Bullets comic art
A comic art for Stray Bullets independent comic series by David Lapham. Browse for more of the award winning comics drawings and illustrations.

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