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Sleeper comicsSpecial agent Holden Carver aka The Conductor is on a mission to retrieve an artifact. But misfortune caught up with his team and they were left to die, he was the only survivor.

What saved his life was the alien artifact that bonded with him and gave Holden healing powers, also making him unreceptive to pain, keep it and pass it to others. Believed to be dead, he decided to continue with his mission and help his government.

Left with the only possible choice, he became a double agent for Tao’s criminal organization. In a few years Holden rose to become one of the lieutenants known as the Prodigals. But his secret identity was soon uncovered leaving him in the mercy of his captors. Holden rejoins Tao, but this time as a criminal.

Sleeper is a noir comic book written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Sean Phillips. It was first published in March 2003 by DC comics imprint, Wildstorm.

Recommended Issues: Sleeper comics 1 to 12

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Ed Brubaker
Sleeper comics writer official website. Visit Ed Brubaker's page for more of his works, read helpful info, updates, news, and more.

Sean Phillips
Comic book illustrator Sean Phillips official site. Visit his page to view notable works on Sleeper, Criminal and many other comic titles.

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DC comics
Official publisher of Sleeper comic book, DC comics imprint Wildstorm. Check out the site for more of DC universe famous comic titles.

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