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Sinfest comicsOften centered on the complexities of human nature, Sinfest comics follow Slick; the strip’s main protagonist who claims to be a womanizer and a pimp.

Slick always wear shades and has blond spiky hair, said to be based on Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes). Though he is small and resembles a child, Slick is actually a young adult aged somewhere between 14 and 21.

Early Sinfest strips focused mainly on Slicks attempt to convince Monique (his friend and romantic interest) to sleep with him.

As the story progressed, Sinfest shifted to the subject of human nature, centered particularly on sexuality, religion, addiction, and others. The strip also features parodies on political commentary and pop culture.

Created by Japanese American comic artist, Tatsuya Ishida, Sinfest is a humorous online comic strip launched on January 17, 2000. It was later released in print on October 16, 1991 in Daily Bruin, a UCLA newspaper.

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Official website of Tatsuya Ishida's Sinfest webcomic. Check out the site to read free Sinfest comics, read news, updates, and more.

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