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Sin City comicsMarv is a large street thug with superhuman strength; he suffers from an unnamed mental condition that involves hallucination and short term memory loss.

The story takes place in Basin City, more commonly known as Sin City. A fictional town in American west that deals with an incredibly high crime rate that even its authorities fails to control.

Along with Detective John Hartigan, ex cop, and Nancy Callahan, stripper and kidnap victim, Marv patrols Sin city to protect the few remaining innocents. In doing so, they will have to face the cannibal and sociopath, Kevin, along with Roark Junior and Detective Jack Refferty.

Sin City comic book series is wriiten in 13 part noire style comics by Frank Miller. It first appeared in April 1991 in Dark Horse's 5th Anniversary Special.

A comic collection has been gathered into a trade paperback and hardcover library editions. Sin City alternative comic book won several awards such as Comics Buyer`s Guide Fan Award in 1996 and Best Graphic Album: Reprint (Modern Material) Eisner Award to name a few.

Recommended Issues: The Big Fat Kill, A Dame to Kill for, That Yellow Bastard

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