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Sandman graphic novelMorpheus is the Sandman, he is the Lord of Dreams and a member of the family of endless.

He was imprisoned for 70 years by an occultist who attempted to capture Death and bargain for eternal life but had trapped him instead. When Morpheus eventually escaped, he set out to regain his lost objects of power and to rebuild his realm, the Dreaming.

In his journey, The Sandman encountered John Constantine, an all powerful madman, and Lucifer. Morpheus character gradually changed from being a haughty and cruel to someone who has softened after years of imprisonment.

The Sandman graphic novel is a dark fantasy series that has earned notable awards and recognition. Written by Neil Gaiman, the Sandman covers stories of horror. It was first published by DC comics imprint, Vertigo on 1989.

Recommended Issues: Issues # 5 8, 13 14, 17 19, 25, 30, 32, 35, 47

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Comic art site

Sandman comic art
Michael L. Peters pen and ink sketch of Morpheus, the Sandman. Visit the site and view other Sandman comic arts & illustrations.

Creator site

Neil Gaiman
Creator of The Sandman graphic novel. Visit the official website of Neil Gaiman and be up to date with his comic works, news, and more.

Fan site

Sandman website
The Sandman graphic novel site, browse and view a fan's wide collection of Sandman graphic novel artworks, gallery, Sandman statues and more.

Publisher site

DC - Vertigo comics
Official publisher site for The Sandman graphic novel. DC comics imprint, Vertigo features various well-known titles that has mature and controversial contents.

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