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Sailor Moon comicsShe is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary mission, save Earth and the whole galaxy. Meet Usagi Tsukino, a carefree immature schoolgirl who is being tracked down by a talking cat.

Luna will reveal Usagi's real identity, a reincarnation of the Moon Princess, Sailor Moon the Champion of Justice. She and other Sailor Senshi (Sailor Soldiers) will have to defeat a series of villains that once destroyed the kingdom of the moon and are headed to let Earth bear the same fate.

Sailor Moon is a Japanese manga created by Naoko Takeuchi. This fantasy comic series popularized the concept of a team of magical girls bound to save the world.

Sailor Moon comics resources and useful links

Creator site

Naoko Takeuchi
Official site of Naoka Takeuchi. Her most popular work, Sailor Moon manga comics is among the most recognized manga and anime series to date.

Fan site
Sailor Moon fan site for the famous Sailor Soldiers. Browse though Moon Kingdom info, comic galleries, videos and forums.

Sailor Moon Fan Art and Comics
Chibi Land is a site devoted to the cute and adorable world of Sailor Moon. Explore various fanart and comics created by Sailor Moon fans.

Publisher site

Kodansha Ltd.
Official manga publisher of Sailor moon comics. Kodansha Ltd. is Japan's largest literature and comic book publishing company.

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