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Sad Sack comicsFollow the remarkable experiences of an unnamed lowly private in the United States Army.

Sad Sack is a metaphorical military slang for the term sad sack of shit common in WWII. The term perfectly describes the humiliations and absurdities of this soldier's military life.

The Sad Sack comic strip was created by Sgt. George Baker in the time of the Second World War. Published by Harvey Entertainment, this war comic series first appeared in the Yank, the Army Weekly #1 on June 1942.

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Creator site

George Baker
Comic creator page of George Baker on Lambiek. He was a cartoonist who became prominent during World War II as the creator of the popular Sad Sack comic strips.

Movie site

The Sad Sack movie
Based on the comic strip of the same name, Sad sack movie was released on 1957 which starred Jerry Lewis as the lowly private soldier.

Official site

The Official Sad Sack Comics Web Site
Official Sad Sack comics site. The page features original comic strip, webcomics, wallpapers, Sad Sack shop, issues, products and helpful links.

Publisher site

Harvey Entertainment
Comic book publisher of Sad Sack comics, Harvey Entertainment is an American publishing company noted for other famous titles; Casper the friendly ghost, Baby Huey and more.

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