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Riddler comicsBorn Edward Nigma, he was raised in Waterbury where he constantly seek answers to all questions. He grew up asking streams of queries to grown ups who often get annoyed with him.

His fascination for puzzles started early on. Edward constantly longs for attention and popularity but receives bullying remarks instead. Bored by his working class status, Edward turns to crime for mere entertainment.

He realized he doesn’t find satisfaction in simply committing crimes, but in creating hype and chaos to make him known. This was the beginning of The Riddler.

Riddler’s Riddle Crimes grew from simple and progressed to be more dangerous and risky. In no time, he became one of Gotham City’s greatest threats and among Batman’s prime archenemies.

The Riddler is a comic book series supervillain hailed as the prince of conundrums. He is created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, a character obsessed with puzzles and word games. The Riddler comics character firs appeared in Detective Comics #140 on 1948.

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