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Ragnarok comicsFollow the story of a Korean manhwa that narrates a young Rune Knight's adventures.

That knight is Chaos, an amnesiac who can only recall the past two years of his life. He lives in the city of Fayon, a place known for its long and legendary lineage of warriors.

Fenris Ferir leads the city, she is a young woman who will help Chaos discover his true identity as the God of Light. When memories starts to resurface, Chaos struggles to unravel his past and tries to determine what’s destined for him.

Ragnarok is a manga comics created by Lee Myung Jin. Its medieval themed setting combines elements of fantasy, action, and adventure.

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Creator site

Lee Myung Jin
He is Korea's most famous comic artist. Lee Lee Myung Jin created Ragnarok comics, his most notable work which was adapted into various other media.

Fan site

Ragnarok fan comic
A fan site for Ragnarok Manga comics. Gather helpful information of this manhwa from a fellow fan, browse thru his links and helpful info about the characters and some of the comic issues.

Publisher site

Ragnarok manga comics publisher. Visit Tokyopop official site for manga magazines, manga pods & previews, and updated manga news.

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