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Question comicsVic Sage is an investigative journalist based in Hub City; highly capable and the best in his field. He is outspoken and aggressive. When a former professor and scientist, Aristotle Rodor told him about an artificial skin, Sage's fate was bound to change.

Rodor teamed with Dr. Twain in developing the Pseudoderm, an artificial skin like bandage with unforeseen and fatal toxicity. The Question comic book series starts Sage's adventure as the TV journalist learns that despite the warnings on the hazards of the Pseudoderm, Dr. Twain proceeded with it illegally.

Vic Sage then stops Twain and his evil by using the same toxic Pseudoderm to cover up his famous features. Realizing how the artificial skin can help him in his investigations, Dr. Rodor modified it for Vic, thus the start of the Question’s superhero feats.

Question comic book was created by Steve Ditko and was first published by DC comics in the early 1980's.

Recommended Issues: Issues 7,8,12 16,20 24,26,28 36

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Comic creator page of Steve Ditko on Lambiek. A noted comic artist, he is known for writing Question comics, Farrel, St. John and Charlton among others.

Official site

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Official website of the Question comics. Browse through all Questiom comic book issues, read helpful information and more.

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The Question comic book page on DC comics database. This publishing company is also known for other famous comic book titles such as Superman & Batman.

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