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Quasar comicsHe is known to yeild 2 immensely powerful alien powered bracelets. Wendell Elvis Vaughn wears the Quantum bands as he assumes his place, being the Protector of the Universe.

Taking the name of Quasar, the quantum bands gives him super human powers and ancient alien intelligence needed to perform his role. His numerous feats takes him to outer space and to its many dimensions.

Quasar is science fiction comics featuring a Marvel comic book superhero. He first appeared in the 217th issue of Captain America comic book series.

Recommended Issues: Issue 17

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Donald F. Glut website
An author, director, and comic creator; read comprehensive info about Don Glut, comic writer of Quasar comics, Duck Tales, X men and many others.

Official site

Read about Wendell Vaughn, protector of the Universe in this marvel character bio. Gather helpful info about his origins, powers, influences and more.

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Marvel comics
Browse through Quasar comic book issues on Marvel database. An American comic book publisher, Marvel is also known for other famous titles such as the Hulk and Spiderman.

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