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Pax Romana comicsFollow the church's attempt at altering time to change the past for an improved and promising future.

When the Vatican backed research has unlocked the secrets of time travel, a warehouse full of the finest soldiers and the state of the art weaponry were sent to Rome in 312 AD.

What seemed to be a flawless plan came to a halt when the cardinal in charge was shot dead. The mission now leads a puzzling conspiracy and questions were left unanswered.

Created by Jonathan Hickman, Pax Romana is a new sci fi comic book series published by Image comics.

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Creator site

Jonathan Hickman
Official website of Jonathan Hickman, American comic book writer and artist known for Pax Romana comic book, The Nightly News, and Secret Warriors comics.

Publisher site

Image Comics
Official publisher of Pax Romana sci fi comics. Image Comics also published other famous titles such as the Walking Dead and Skullkickers comics.

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