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Patoruzu comicsPatoruzú is the last descendant of the Tehuelche Patoruzek dynasty. He owns state properties in Patagonia and is known to possess superhuman strength and a good heart.

His kindness and generosity is often abused by greedy characters who wish to deceive Patoruzu. However, they always fail and end up properly punished.

Patoruzú is an old funny comics created by Dante Quinterno in 1928. His character is arguably the most popular hero in Argentine comics strip.

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Dante Quinterno
Read about the life, works, and achievements of Dante Quinterno; an Argentinean comic artist famous for creating Patoruzu comic strip.

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Patoruzu || The Official Site
Patoruzu comics official website. Browse through comprehensive information; get to know the characters, view magazines, photo gallery and more.

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