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Oldboy comicsShinichi Gotō is on a quest for truth and vengeance. He was kidnapped and locked up in a private jail for reasons unknown to him. Ten years later he was suddenly set free.

The story sets off as Shinichi begins his pursuit to uncovering the reason why he was imprisoned and to hunt down his abductors.

Old boy manga comics was written by Garon Tsuchiya with illustrations by Nobuaki Minegishi. This Japanese comic book series was publishd by Futabasha in Japan and by Dark Horse comics in the US.

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Movie site

A Korean film based on a Japanese manga of the same title. Read movie information, view film images, screenshots, casts and more.

Publisher site

A Japanese publishing company, Futubasha published Old Boy manga and other comic books, comic strips and graphic novel titles.

Dark Horse comics
Official website of Old boy manga comics publisher in the US. Dark Horse is the largest independent American comic book publishing company.

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