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Nightwing comicsHe is the non super powered superhero sidekick, Dick Grayson, Batman’s former crime fighting partner.

Nightwing was previously known as Robin who recently resigned from the superhero business. The story starts off when he receives a mysterious letter that suggests his parent’s death might be caused by someone other than the one he thought responsible.

When matters got cleared, Nightwing moved into Bludhaven, a place suffering from its corrupt government for the longest time. The place is also home to Black Mask and his vast criminal organization making the place and it’s people desperately needing a superhero to aid them.

Nightwing superhero comics is written by Chuck Dixon with comic art by Scott McDaniel and produced by DC comics. Nightwing graphic novels also appeared in later years.

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Comic art site

Nightwing comic art
Nightwing #127 page 17 - Buried alive comic art by Norm Rapmund. Browse the site for more Nightwing comic character drawings and sketches.

Creator site

The official website of Chuck Dixon, comic creator of Nightwing comics. Check out his page for more of Dixon's comic works.

Scott McDaniel
Co-creator and comic artist of Nightwing comics. Visit Scott McDaniel's official page to view more of his comic arts and illustrations.

Fan site

Nightwing fan club
Fan site for Nightwing comics character, browse and read night wing comic book forums, reviews, games, images, videos, and more.

Publisher site

DC comics
Official site of DC comics, publisher of Nightwing comic books and graphic novels. Check out the site for more DC comic superhero characters.

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