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Nickel Heroes comicsStyled in pre code comics, Nickel Heroes features horrific stories of crime, suspense, sci fi, mystery and zombies war.

Focused on creating an online comics that will deliver spine chilling tales to its readers; Nickel Heroes presents a collection of comic works from many different contributors. Among its ongoing webcomics collaborations are; Brik, Everything Toxic, Mars 30, Bump in the Night, Space Madness, and Montague Bones.

A Red Moon Features Production, this new online horror comics took years of planning before it was finally launched in 2009. The brainchild of James DiAngelo, the company now focuses in launching some of its titles including Dead Planet Stories.

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Creator site

John Ario
A Nickel Heroes collaborator and contributor, John Ario is an outstanding online comics artist that has provided the two great logos for the Red Moon.

Lionel Cornelius
Comic book artist Lionel Cornelius is the creator of 2 upcoming online comics series for Nickel Heroes. Both web comics is set in 1920s era of Chicago / St. Louis.

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