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Mickey Rat comicsHe is capable of performing any foul deed; he is opportunistic, sleazy, and shallow. Mickey Rat is the very character of the word crude.

His exploits are delinquent yet compelling. Mickey Rat's beer swilling adventures depicts an amoral antihero who is incapable of growth and had no sense of motivation.

Mickey Rat is an alternative comic book written by Robert Armstrong. It first appeared on LA comics first issue on December 1971.

A parody of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, comics and cartoon fans alike wondered why they were never sued for Mickey Rat's funny & satiric character.

Recommended Issues: 3 and 4

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Creator site

Robert Armstrong
Comic creator of Mickey Rat comics; know helpful facts of Robert Armstrong, life and works as an American underground comic artist.

Publisher site

Kitchen Sink Press
Comic book publishing company that pioneers on underground comics such as Mickey Rat comic books, The Crow, Gay comix and other titles.

Comic art site

Mickey Rat comic art
Visit Robert Armstrong's original comic arts for Mickey Rat comic series. View pen and ink illustrations as well as colored ones.

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