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Metal Gear graphic novelBased on the acclaimed series of stealth games; follows the latest incarnation of the superweapon, Metal Gear.

This stealth game themed graphic novel centers on the continuing rivalry between protagonist, Solid snake and his archenemy, Big Boss. Solid Snake is a FOXHOUND rookie member while Big Boss is the leader of Outer Heaven, a South African Fortress.

Metal Gear is depicted as a bipedal walking tank capable of launching nuclear weaponry. Its intricate storyline explores themes of artificial intelligence, warfare, politics, genetic engineering, reality and more.

Created by Hideo Kojima and developed by Konami, Metal Gear online graphic novel is an action, adventure packed series of sci fi battle set in a fast paced cinematic scenes. The release of its comics and novelization is credited to various authors and comic artists.

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Comic art site

Metal Gear comic art
Metal Gear protagonist Solid Snake paint in water color comic art by Randy Martinez. Click on the site to browse for more Metal Gear graphic novel artworks & illustrations.

Official site

Metal Gear Solid
Official website of Metal Gear digital graphic novel. Visit the site for metal gear solid free comics, trailers, news, updates, products, and more.

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