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Maus graphic novelFollow the story of Maus: A survivor's tale as it recalls the fears and horrors that accompanied the Nazi occupation during the World War II.

Based on true accounts and first hand experiences of Vladek Spiegelman, as he was among many other Jews in concentration camps at the time of the Holocaust.

Maus presented its characters in various types of anthromorphobic animals according to nationality and race. The Jews are depicted as mice, Germans are cats, Americans as dogs, Poles are pigs, Roma (Gypsies) are gypsy moths, the French are frogs, British as fish, and the child of a Jew and German is a mouse with cat stripes.

Written by Art Spiegelman based on the experiences of his parents in concentration camps. It was a unique work that stood out amidst the usual funnies and superhero genres, bringing out a literary piece.

Maus graphic novel is recognized to recall historical accounts; it earned several awards including a Pulitzer Prize. Maus: A Survivor's Tale was published by Pantheon comics and ran from 1972 until 1991.

Recommended Issues: Maus 1 and 2

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Art Spiegelman
Comic creator of Maus graphic novel, Art Spiegelman is a celebrated comic writer famous for his other works, Real Pulp, Midget Detective, among others.

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Pantheon Books
Official publisher site of Pantheon Books, comic publisher of Maus graphic novels. Visit their site and browse for more of their comic books and graphic novel titles.

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