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Martian Manhunter comicsJ’onn J’onnz is an extraterrestrial humanoid who was teleported to Earth from Mars by an experimental teleportation beam leaving him no means of going back.

Trapped in what was then a strange planet to him, Martian Manhunter used his extraordinary abilities and joined the Justice League. He fought alongside Earth’s protectors, making sure the innocents are protected and justice prevails.

Martian Manhunter sci fi comic character was created by Joseph Samachson. This superhero comic book was first published by DC comics on November 1955.

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Martian Manhunter comic character page on comic vine. Know more about Justice League member Martian Manhunter, comic issues, updates, images and more.

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Official website of DC comics, publisher of Martian Manhunter comic series. Get to know all DC comic book and graphic novel titles and be up to date on the latest news of your favorite DC comic superheroes.

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