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Mad Love comicsCentered on the most dysfunctional relationship in comics, Mad Love narrates the beginnings of Harley Quinn.

She is one of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham City. Quinn was once a psychologist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel who fell in love with The Joker after spending time with him in Arkham Asylum. Quinn soon finds herself obsessed with him and turns to crime in exchange for Joker’s love and attention.

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love comic book was written by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm and published under DC comics. Mad Love comics won Eisner Award for Best Single Story in 1994 and were reprinted as a graphic novel in 1998.

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Paul Dini
Official website of Paul Dini. Read helpful info of this Mad love comics co creator who also wrote for Babs and Buster and many other comic titles.

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DC comics
Official site of DC comics, comic book publisher of Mad love comics and other well known titles such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and Green Lantern comics.

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Mad Love comics
Batman Adventures Mad love comic book series info. More on Mad love comics, Joker and Harley Quinn images, news, and updates.

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A fansite dedicated to the most dysfunctional comics relationship featuring Batman’s famed villains, The Joker and Harley Quinn.

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