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Lone Wolf and Cub comicsHe has a loving wife and son but Itto Ogami is not just a family guy, he is a dangerous warrior, a master swordsman and the official executioner of the Shogunate clan.

Having been framed for disloyalty by the politically ambitious Yagyu clan, Itto was hailed a traitor. His whole household and his wife were murdered; his newborn son Ogami Daigoro was the only survivor.

Itto and small Daigorō became outlaws seeking for revenge. Father and son traveled together, Diagoro being kept in a baby carriage living off the land by their wits and sometimes earning money as assassins.

Lone Wolf and Cub manga was first published in 1970 and lasted until 1976. It is an epic samurai story that deliberately depicts the violence of the Japanese Tokugawa era. This black and white paged graphic novel was by Kazuo Koike with illustrations by Goseki Kojima.

It was published by Futabasha in Japan and Dark Horse comics in the US. Lone Wolf and Cub comics is among the most highly regarded and influential manga of all time.

Recommended Issues: 1 until 45

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Creator site

Goseki Kojima
Know more of the life and works of Goseki Kojima on Lambiek.net. A reputable manga artist, he was responsible for the art and illustrations of Lone Wolf & Cub comics.

Publisher site

Dark Horse comics
US publisher of Lone Wolf & Cub manga, Dark Horse is the largest independent American comic book and manga comics publisher.

Futabasha Inc.
Japanese publishing company that published Lone wolf and Cub manga as well as other Japanese comics titles such as Krayon Shin-Chan & Codomo no Jikan.

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