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Lex Luthor comicsHe is known to be Superman’s archenemy. Alexander Joseph 'Lex' Luthor is among the most gifted beings. His hatred for interfering aliens has led him to live a sociopaths life

Luthor is depicted as a mad, evil scientist. He has no superhuman powers, no special abilities but he has a high intelligence and an incredible technological prowess. He possess futuristic weaponry that can wreak havoc to the world.

He makes it his life’s mission to kill Superman and start world domination. The two’s continuing rivalry has become legend, a determining fate where the world’s providence hangs in the balance.

Lex Luthor comics is created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and published by DC comics. This classic sci fi comic book series character first appeared in Action comics # 23 on April 1940.

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Creator site

Jerry Siegel
Creator of Lex Luthor supervillain character. Jerry Siegel is a celebrated comic creator whose many works include Topolino and Superman among others.

Joe Shuster
Shuster co created Lex Luthor's character with Jerry Siegel. Identify many of his other comic works, achievements, and more here on Lambiek.net.

Publisher site

DC comics
A top comic book publisher that publishes Lex Luthor comics. Discover more known superhero & supervillain characters when you check out their site.

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