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Lady Death comicsShe was once like any other mortal. But Hope’s ancestry suggests otherwise, her parents both comes from a long lineage that traces back to heaven and hell.

Hope’s childhood was filled with pain and suffering and when she cannot take any of it anymore; she called on hell’s powers. Lady Death horror comics tells the story of the titular character’s feats as she takes on evil’s side and led them against the forces of good.

Lady Death is a comic book series created by Brian Pulido and Steven Lad. It first appeared on December 1991 in Evil Ernie comics first issue.

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Creator site

Brian Pulido
Official website for Brian Pulido, writer, director and comic creator. Learn more of the life and works of Brian Pulido, Lady death comics and others comic series.

Official site

Lady Death Universe
Official Lady Death website. The site includes Lady Death news, forum, community, Lady Death comic arts, illustrations and Lady Death products.

Publisher site

Eternity Comics
Eternity Comics began publishing in 1980 and ceased trading in the 1990’s. Among its various titles are Lady Death comics, Shuriken, and Dark Wolf.

Fan site

Lady Death fan site, view Lady Death horror comics images, read the latest news, character information, other info and updates.

Movie site

Lady Death movie
Based on a comic book series of the same title. Read here Lady Death movie information, casting, reviews, details, storyline, and many more.

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