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La Foire aux immortels comicsSet in Paris, in the year 2023 where the city is left to chaos. After 30 years of being frozen in space, Alcide Nikopol returns to find the place in such turmoil with aliens and zombies swarming everywhere and a pyramid shaped space ship hovering overhead.

The space ship houses Egyptian gods who’s asking for fuel in exchange for the fascist’s dictator, J.F Choublanc’s immortality. Repulsed by what he saw, Nikopol meets up with Horus, a renegade god who wants to use his body to oppose the evil that consumed the 21st century.

This science fiction comics is the first in the Nikopol Trilogy written by Enki Bilal, a French cartoonist and storyteller. La Foire aux Immortels graphic novel (The Carnival of Immortals) first appeared in 1980 published by Les Humanoides Associes.

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Creator site

Enki Bilal
Read the life and works of French cartoonist and storyteller Enki Bilal, creator of La Foire aux Immortels comics. Also included are comic albums and illustrations.

Publisher site

Accueil Les Humanoïdes Associés
The official page of Les Humanoïdes Associés, a French comic publishing company who published La Foire aux immortels sci fi comics.

Movie site

Immortal (Ad Vitam)
Information, news, and updates on La Foire aux immortels movie based on the comics of the same name, written and directed by Enki Bilal.

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