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Jonah Hex is a Civil War veteran who turned into an 1870 bounty hunter. A cynical anti hero characterized by a face whose right side is horribly scarred.

Also known as the Mark of the Demon, Jonah Woodson Hex is regarded by many as a villain, but to some he was a hero, simply misunderstood. He had no friends, only two loyal companions, the acrid smell of gun smoke and death.

Jonah Hex displays no supernatural powers, but he possesses remarkable skills and carries a colt single action revolver and a tomahawk to take on crime and injustice. Every time Hex passes, people whispered in fear.

Despite his surly character, Hex is bound by an honor to protect the innocent. Jonah Hex comic features a Western comic book anti hero who first appeared in the pages of All Star Western comics # 10.

The series was created by John Albano, Tony DeZuniga and published by DC comics. It was later on released in graphic novel form.

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Creator site

Tony DeZuniga
Creator page of Tony DeZuniga, co-creator and comic illustrator for Jonah Hex comic book series. Learn more about DeZuniga's life and works on

Publisher site

DC comics
Official site of DC comics, comic book publisher of Jonah Hex. Check out their site for more well-known comic series, characters, info, and updates.

Comic art site

Jonah Hex comic art
Jonah Hex comic art by Chris Samnee. Browse the site for more Jonah Hex comics drawings, sketches, and illustrations.

Movie site

Jonah Hex movie
Released in 2010 by Warner Bros., Jonah Hex movie follows a post civil war anti-hero based on the comic book series of the same name.

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